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Stars Ahead · Promising Future | Haiquan Company's 2023 Strategic Launch Meeting Successfully Held


On February 2, Haiquan held a one-day "20 Strategy Kick-off Meeting" at its headquarters in Changzhou to summarize the work results in 2023 and deploy the 2022 work goals and strategic direction for the next five years.

The meeting begins

At 9 a.m., the meeting officially began.

First of all, the heads of Haiquan Fruit Industry Sector, Haiquan Agricultural Sector, Haiquan Preferred Plate and the company's purchasing department and the managers of various departments under Haiquan Company will summarize and review the work in 2022, report the completion of work goals, and report the work priorities and annual plans in 2023.

Group department reporting

Next, the four strategic departments of the group: operation department, procurement department, finance department and personnel administration department will summarize the work of each department in 2022, and report the work ideas and key work items in 2023.

Group General Manager Strategic deployment

After listening to the above report, Wang Ziyi, general manager of the group, led everyone to review the corporate culture mission, summarize the overall situation of the company, clarify the annual goals for 2023, convey the company's future development focus and strategic direction, and make the company's overall strategic deployment and work requirements in 2023.

Chairman Concluding remarks

Finally, Chairman Zhang Hongmei made a summary of the meeting, she is full of confidence in the middle and senior managers of Haiquan Company and all employees to carry out their work this year, and believes that under the leadership of Wang Ziyi, the general manager of the group, through their own efforts, they will continue to improve their business capabilities and management levels, and will definitely be able to complete the work goals set by the company.

Think deeply, plan and then move. Through the successful convening of the 2023 strategic kick-off meeting of Haiquan Company is the starting point of 2023, I hope that all colleagues of Haiquan Company will work together in the new year and forge ahead, and everyone must firmly believe: the stars ahead, the future can be expected!

At the beginning of its establishment, Haiquan Fruit Industry took "Let hundreds of millions of families live a healthy life" as its mission, purchasing from the global market and selling nationwide and regionally. It is a full-value chain enterprise integrating "technology, procurement, marketing and service". There are four branches in Changzhou, Jiangsu, Huaian, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, and Jinan, Shandong, all of which have large wholesale stalls of thousands of square meters, and are equipped with "Haiquan Preferred" leisure food procurement experience halls accordingly.