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The mission lies on the shoulders, and those who work hard are the first. Haiquan Group Changzhou Headquarters Corporate Culture Training Conference


Corporate culture is the strength and cornerstone of enterprises to overcome difficulties and continue to develop and grow. The construction of corporate culture and the construction of core competitiveness of enterprises complement each other and are inseparable.

On November 11, the Changzhou headquarters of Haiquan Group held two batches of corporate culture training meetings.


History of the development of Haiquan

At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Wenjun, general manager of Changzhou Haiquan, described the growth path of Haiquan Group:

1. In 1993, Haiquan Fruit Industry was established in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

2. In January 2019, Huai'an Branch was established.

3. In August 2019, Xuzhou Branch was established.

4. Jinan Branch was established in September 2021.


Sea Spring Culture

Then Mr. Wang explained the corporate culture of Haiquan.

Haiquan Mission:

Let hundreds of millions of families have a new life of nutritious fruits!

Mission Statement:

1. Provide customers with professional and considerate products and services.

2. Build a development platform for colleagues to grow and start a business.

3. Create stable and continuous investment returns for shareholders.

4. Build a symbiotic and shared industrial ecology for the society.

The sea is full of rivers, and the spring runs the river. When Mr. Wang talked about the deeds of Mr. Wang Haiquan, the founder of Haiquan, who repaid grievances with virtue during the entrepreneurial period, the eyes of the old employees who had been in Haiquan for more than ten years were rosy, and everyone was deeply moved by Mr. Wang Haiquan's pattern and Haiquan's mind.

The future of Haiquan

Become the leader of China's one-stop fresh fruit operation in 2028 Become the global one-stop fresh fruit operation leader

in 2035

After the employees understood the development history, corporate mission and strategic planning of Haiquan Group, they firmly believed that under the leadership of the core leadership, the future of Haiquan Group would be more brilliant!

New and existing employees should be informed

With the development of Haiquan Group, the management system of employees will become more and more standardized, and a good system can make all work achieve the expected goals as planned and required.


In order to improve the efficiency of corporate communication and more standardized management, Jiang Xiaoyan, financial director of Haiquan Group, taught everyone in detail how to use DingTalk office at this meeting.

Through this training meeting, the employees have a deeper understanding of the future planning and development of the enterprise, every employee has gained a lot, the mood is high, and I hope that everyone can achieve "mission on the shoulder, hard work first" in the future work. ”

At the beginning of its establishment, Haiquan Fruit Industry took "Let hundreds of millions of families live a healthy life" as its mission, purchasing from the global market and selling nationwide and regionally. It is a full-value chain enterprise integrating "technology, procurement, marketing and service". There are four branches in Changzhou, Jiangsu, Huaian, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, and Jinan, Shandong, all of which have large wholesale stalls of thousands of square meters, and are equipped with "Haiquan Preferred" leisure food procurement experience halls accordingly.