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Leading by renowned teachers to promote growth, working together to create brilliance | Welcome Teacher Jiang Lanxin to Haiquan Group


On the afternoon of November 11th, the headquarters of Haiquan Group had the honor to invite Mr. Jiang Lanxin to visit the company in person and communicate with the middle and senior management of Changzhou Haiquan on corporate culture.

Biography of the person

Jiang Lanxin, founder and chairman of Shihua Education Technology Group, president of Beijing Huaxia Institute of Management, president of Beijing Shihua Institute of Management, entrepreneur, educator, philanthropist, ambassador of China Charity Federation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and China Women's Development Foundation. He was hired by Beijing Satellite TV as a guest mentor.

Zhang Hongmei, chairman of Haiquan Group, Wang Ziyi, general manager of the group, and Wang Wenjun, general manager of Changzhou Haiquan, warmly received teacher Jiang Lanxin and his team. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the future development of Haiquan Group.

Exchange meetings

Through his wonderful speech, Mr. Jiang Lanxin made everyone have a deeper and more thorough understanding of Haiquan's mission, vision and values!

Interactive speeches

During the exchange, everyone actively interacted with teacher Jiang Lanxin.

Leadership speaks

Zhang Hongmei, chairman of Haiquan Group, said that she and the managers of Haiquan Group should take this opportunity to learn from teacher Jiang Lanxin, and if they encounter problems that cannot be solved immediately in work practice in the future, they can try to sort out the theoretical knowledge they have learned, or they can find a solution to the problem.

Wang Ziyi, general manager of the group, expressed confidence in the company's management personnel to continuously improve their own quality and learn new understandings, and he hoped that through this exchange, the managers of Haiquan Group could fully understand the company's corporate culture and continuously improve themselves in the next work.

Wang Wenjun, general manager of Changzhou Haiquan, said that the group headquarters will train more excellent managers to achieve Haiquan's strategic plan in 2028.

The management personnel of the group headquarters and Haiquan branch need to continuously improve their own strength and continuous learning, so that they can assume more responsibilities in the future!

Group photo

Through this exchange, the managers of Haiquan Group headquarters have a deeper understanding and understanding of corporate culture. I believe that everyone will continue to learn and continue to improve in the next work process, and create greater value for the enterprise while growing personally and as a team.

At the beginning of its establishment, Haiquan Fruit Industry took "Let hundreds of millions of families live a healthy life" as its mission, purchasing from the global market and selling nationwide and regionally. It is a full-value chain enterprise integrating "technology, procurement, marketing and service". There are four branches in Changzhou, Jiangsu, Huaian, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, and Jinan, Shandong, all of which have large wholesale stalls of thousands of square meters, and are equipped with "Haiquan Preferred" leisure food procurement experience halls accordingly.