Haiquan Fruit Industry

The mission lies on the shoulders, and those who work hard are the first. Haiquan Group Changzhou Headquarters Corporate Culture Training Conference

Corporate culture is the strength and cornerstone of enterprises to overcome difficulties and continue to develop and grow. The construction of corporate culture and the construction of core competitiveness of enterprises complement each other and are inseparable.

Leading by renowned teachers to promote growth, working together to create brilliance | Welcome Teacher Jiang Lanxin to Haiquan Group

On the afternoon of November 11th, the headquarters of Haiquan Group had the honor to invite Mr. Jiang Lanxin to visit the company in person and communicate with the middle and senior management of Changzhou Haiquan on corporate culture.

50 Days of Struggle Haiquan Mobilization | Haiquan Group Oath Conference

On December 12, Haiquan Group held a pledge meeting at its headquarters in Changzhou, and with the attitude of "fighting for 1 days, Haiquan General Mobilization", it comprehensively sounded the clarion call for the year-end sprint to end the battle.

Most Beautiful Goddess Festival | Haiquan Company Flower Arrangement Activity

With the spring breeze, stepping on the spring light, the Goddess Day came as scheduled. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, the Changzhou store of Haiquan Company carried out the "Most Beautiful Goddess Day" flower arrangement activity in two batches on the morning of March 3.

Stars Ahead · Promising Future | Haiquan Company's 2023 Strategic Launch Meeting Successfully Held

On February 2, Haiquan held a one-day "20 Strategy Kick-off Meeting" at its headquarters in Changzhou to summarize the work results in 2023 and deploy the 2022 work goals and strategic direction for the next five years.

Direct delivery from origin

Huai'an Huilong Haiquan Fruit Industry Xinjiang Desert Watermelon Base Direct Harvesting

Changzhou Haiquan Fruit Industry

Changzhou Haiquan Fruit Industry Headquarters Chelizi Arrived at the Container Site

Haiquan Fresh Batch Issuance

In the context of inflation and high price levels, Haiquan Agricultural and Sideline Products Co., Ltd. emerged in response to the trend. The company actively responded to the government's policy of benefiting the people and expanded to serve community residents at home as a direct selling and affordable vegetable store in Changzhou. In order to ensure that the people can eat safer, fresh, and healthier vegetables and fruits, Haiquan Company spent more than 10 million yuan to develop a Haiquan base and distribution center, as well as a vegetable research and testing center in Lingjiatang, By integrating the direct advantages brought by the above major industries and omitting intermediate links, the transportation costs incurred by traditional market intermediaries are saved, allowing vegetables to be directly picked and tested before being transported to stores for sale.

Huai'an Haiquan Fruit Industry Wins CCTV News

Huai'an Haiquan Fruit Industry Wins CCTV News

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